HELI AGV debuts in Southeast Asia——Indonesia Forklift Exhibition

FORKLIFT INDONESIA is the only exhibition in Southeast Asia that focuses on forklift trucks and is supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and the Indonesian Ministry of Export Development. HELI was present at PT. Jakarta International Expo Center from May 15-17 with many other well-known companies from all over the world.

HELI brought the latest i-series AGV products to this exhibition, which is also the first time that this product, representing the cutting-edge of China's intelligent logistics industry, debuted in Southeast Asia. At HELI's booth, the demonstration of AGV products attracted many visitors to stop and watch, and everyone was full of expectations and enthusiasm for intelligent logistics products.

In addition to AGV products, HELI also brought a number of hot-selling forklift models and attachments, of which more than half of the lithium battery-powered products. The products on display are both HELI's latest products and products that meet the Indonesian market, fully reflecting HELI's dedication and sincerity in ploughing into the Indonesian market for more than 20 years.

On the show floor, HELI launched the H4 series 1.5-3.5 ton side shovel lithium battery forklift and the 1.45 tons heavy-duty pantograph (fork forward) reach truck forklift. Under the joint witness of many media friends and dealer partners, the new product was slowly unveiled. After the product launch, we presented new dealer authorisation plaques to our main dealers in Indonesia.

In the future, HELI will anchor the goals of high-end advancement, intelligent upgrading, and green transformation, accelerate research on key core technologies, and strive to create high-quality, high-quality products.

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