Heli provides logistics and handling solutions for wood factory

Heli continues to provide material handling solutions to solve the problems of efficiency and safety in the work for all industries. Recently, Heli provided a solution for wood factory which is one of the top ten wood factories in Vietnam.

Aiming at the specific conditions of diversified wood varieties, poor working environment and high working intensity in this plant, Heli professionals have made corresponding plans and launched the H3 series 3.5 ton internal combustion forklift truck and G series 7 ton internal combustion forklift truck in accordance with the working conditions.

HELI internal combustion forklifts features:

1、Efficient and stable

High operating efficiency, high stability, strong heat emission capacity, the products meet the requirements of customers under 24 hours of high-intensity operation.

2、Energy saving

With optimized hydraulic system and low fuel consumption, the products are energy saving and efficient.


Equipped with wide view lifting system, improve the view, the top guard suspension design, improve the operating comfort.

4、Customization of attachments

HELI attachments have total 1,800 series of products with complete varieties and stable performance that can be customized for different working environments and product types to meet diversified demands.

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