Heli delivered hundreds of li-ion forklifts to Southeast Asian

Recently, Heli delivered hundreds of li-ion battery forklifts to the Southeast Asian market. 

In response to the customer's high environmental protection requirements, high operation frequency, and the complicated operation scenarios of many product categories, Heli customized the solution of li-ion battery electric forklift equipped with Heli attachments for the customer. 

HELI li-ion products have the advantages of environmental protection, low noise, maintenance-free, high efficiency and energy saving. The truck has the function of emergency power-off device and automatic cornering deceleration function, which greatly improves the safety level. Lithium batteries are unaffected by not fully charging or regularly operating in a partial charge state and have a long warranty of 5 years or 10,000 hours. High efficiency brings high cost performance and good ROI. 

Heli independently develops and produces more than 3000 kinds of attachments with complete varieties and stable performance. Heli attachments are widely used in paper-making, storage, tobacco, port, chemical industry, construction, smelting and many other industries. Heli can customize attachments for different operating environments and product types to meet the diverse needs of our customers. 

Putting people first and rewarding society with quality products. Heli relies on the power of collective wisdom, focuses on innovative ideas and is committed to providing systematic logistics handling solutions for different users, different ecologies and different scenarios, continuously empowering users and helping them create greater value.

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