G2 series 3-3.5t lithium battery counterbalanced forklift

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The steering oil tube and wire harness are arranged independently
Product Feature

1. Strong performance, excellent and efficient

Three configurations of S/M/H can be selected at will. M/H configuration models have superior overall performance, comparable to fuel trucks, and significantly improved operating efficiency.

2. Intelligent safety, comprehensive protection

Curve deceleration function: automatic deceleration function in the curve, which can reduce the risk of overturning in the curve;

Steering wheel to start steering: the steering wheel can directly start the steering function, and provide the required amount of fuel according to the speed of the steering wheel;

Color screen instrument: Chinese and English switching, battery display, tire angle and other information at a glance, more functions, more convenient operation;

PES three-speed mode: a variety of speed modes can be freely selected according to the working conditions to ensure operating efficiency

The armrest with horn switch after reversing makes driving safer;

The lithium battery is automatically heated at low temperature and has excellent low temperature adaptability.

3. Human-machine optimization, comfortable driving

Brake fluid position is within easy reach, it is more convenient to check and replenish;

Mast optimization and stamping of the roof protection frame can enhance the field of vision and ensure safety;

The USB power supply design is more intimate.

4. Reliable quality, safe and worry-free

The integrated cast drive axle and reinforced cast steering axle have been proven in the market for a long time, mature and reliable, and the mast is optimized for force design, which improves overall performance and effectively guarantees operational safety.

5. Harsh environment, worry-free operation

IPX4 waterproof: the vehicle is powered on to simulate a short-term 5000L rainstorm test for 15 minutes, and the truck can run continuously without failure

The whole truck lasts 200mm for 10 minutes, and the whole truck has no trouble

The whole truck is operated alternately for 6 hours in the cold storage at -20℃, and parked in the cold storage for 12 hours, the truck is trouble-free and can run continuously

Simulate bumpy road

6. Centralized maintenance, fast and convenient

The electrical design is concentrated on the lithium battery above the counterweight, and the inspection points are concentrated for easy inspection and maintenance.


The main parameter
Configuration No.
  GB2Li-H GB2Li-M/
GB2Li-H GB2Li-M/
Load capacity
kg 3000 3500
Load center distance
mm 500 500
Standard mast lifting height
mm 3000 3000
Overall Length(without fork)
mm 2569 2574
Overall width
mm 1225 1225
Gradeability (load)
% 22 20 16 20 18 15
Dealer Network
With other attachments of fork lift trucks, they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.
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