Heli Released the First 4-5 Tonnage Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift in China with SHPT

On 28th October, Heli released the first 4-5 tons hydrogen fuel cell forklift in Shanghai. It is the very first hydrogen-powered forklift of this tonnage class in China.

This fuel cell forklift is an essential member of hydrogen-powered forklifts developed by Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. The fuel cell system power is up to 25kW, the peak power is 55kW, and the performance is advanced internationally. The hydrogen-powered forklift is safe, efficient, maintenance-free, long-life, and adaptable to both high and low temperatures.

Compared with traditional fuel forklifts, it eliminates emission pollution, effectively improves the environment of the use scenario, and significantly reduces vehicle vibration and ear noise for comfortable driving.

Compared to purely electric forklifts, hydrogen-powered forklift does not require long recharging times and has a short and fast hydrogen refueling time. It only takes 3 minutes to complete the refueling, then work continuously for 4 hours. Besides, the endurance is unaffected by ambient temperature.

To promote the development and commercialization of hydrogen forklifts, HELI has incorporated hydrogen-powered products into the new energy system as an important and promising segment of the company's development strategy and has developed strategic cooperation with many core enterprises in the industry chain of hydrogen energy. In the future, HELI will continue to make efforts in the field of hydrogen forklifts, launch a series of hydrogen-powered products covering all types of counterbalanced forklifts, tractors, and storage trucks. HELI will expand in-depth cooperation with core enterprises in the hydrogen industry chain, continuously improve the industrial layout and contribute to the development of hydrogen-powered forklifts in the world.

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