Heli was Honored as “One of 100 Best ESG A-share Companies” by Securities Times

Recently, "100 Best ESG A-share Companies" authorized by Securities Times was released at the "ESG Development Seminar for Chinese Enterprises & 2021 Annual Meeting of Chinese Securities Companies". And Heli was on the ranking list.

ESG sustainable investment is an investment practice that integrates the three dimensions of environment, social responsibility and corporate governance, which is highly concerned and widely recognized by China's financial industry. The ranking focuses on environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G), selects a number of underlying indicators, comprehensively evaluates the "three-dimensional" scores of listed companies from various perspectives. According to the recently disclosed third-quarter 2021 reports, the 100 Best ESG Companies are favored by institutional funds. Moreover, Heli has prominent advantages in financial quality, social responsibility, corporate governance, market performance and other aspects, and Heli’s QFII shareholding ratio ranks the top.

Heli, as a listed industry leader for many years, shoulder high quality development while actively fulfilling social responsibilities. As of 2021, Heli has published CSR reports for 13 consecutive years. Under the background that green development becomes the main melody of current economic development, Heli focuses on energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, strives to improve the competitiveness of core technologies, continuously increases investment in research and development, speeds up the promotion, application and demonstration of new technologies and contributes to the high-quality development of China, the intellectualization of industrial vehicle industry, peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality.

Heli was honored as “one of 100 best ESG A-share companies”, which is highly recognized by financial media and capital market for Heli’s efforts in environmental, social and corporate governance. As the representative of the benchmark enterprise in ESG field, Heli will take this opportunity to give full play to its technological innovation advantages and achieve green development. Heli will provide technical and intellectual support to promote the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing in the industry through digitalization, informatization and intellectualization layout. Heli will also actively empower the industrial vehicle industry to achieve low-carbon development and contribute to the high-quality development of China's economy.

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