Opening Ceremony of HELI Intelligent Logistics Industrial Park!

On April 9, 2024, Anhui HELI Co., Ltd. ("HELI") announced its intention to acquire a 64.5923% equity stake in Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. ("EFORK") for 271 million yuan in cash, along with an additional cash investment of 100 million yuan. Upon completion of the transaction, HELl will hold a total of 71.4172% equity in EFORK, making it the controlling share holder.

More than a month after formally announcing the acquisition of EFORK, HELI joined forces with EFORK to quickly build the HELI Intelligent Logistics Industrial Park. On 18th May 2024, the opening ceremony of HELI Intelligent Logistics Industrial Park was held grandly in EFORK's Factory in Hefei.

In recent years, HELI has deeply ploughed into the intelligent logistics industry, and together with the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, accelerated the transformation and upgrading to an intelligent logistics integration provider, enhanced the competitiveness and added value of the industry, and continuously opened up new fields, created new modes, and cultivated new growth points. Nowadays, HELI Intelligent Logistics Industrial Park is an important breakthrough for HELI to adhere to reform and innovation and actively cultivate and develop new quality productivity.

In the future, we will be based on the HELI Intelligent Logistics Industrial Park to increase the strength of the key core technologies, enhance the autonomy and control of the core software and hardware technologies of the intelligent logistics, achieve breakthroughs in product innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, capacity upgrading and other fields, further improve the industrial chain layout of the field of intelligent logistics, continue to consolidate and improve the core competitive advantages, and strive to become a globally competitive, world-class! We are committed to become a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness. We will provide global users with one-stop logistics handling system solutions, gather the majestic power of synergistic growth of all ecological parties, and build an industry innovation ecosystem.

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