HELI 10 ton of electric forklift smooth delivery

       Recently, the HELI 10 ton of electric forklift successfully delivered to a global 500 company which is an important production base for digital imaging products in the Asia-Pacific production.

       In response to the particularity of information imaging industry, the company has put forward the requirements of environmental protection, low noise, narrow passage and meets handling of 8 ton of goods. We have made corresponding plans and launched the HELI 10 ton electric forklift.

HELI 10 ton electric forklift is introduced

01 Environmental protection

      HELI 10 ton electric forklift has high environmental protection, pollution-free advantages, fully respond to all aspects of the needs of enterprises.

02 Narrow Space Work

      The compact body design of the HELI 10 ton electric forklift provides great flexibility and allows you to operate in confined spaces. At the same time, it meets the demand of 8 ton of cargo.

03 Low noise

      HELI 10 ton electric forklift has low noise at work, so widely used in environmental requirements of high operating conditions.

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