What Makes HELI New Lithium-ion Forklift Your Best Choice?

Multiple Configurations, Powerful Performance

HELI New series lithium-ion Forklift has three configurations for customer choice: S/M/H. The last two types are comparable with internal combustion trucks in terms of comprehensive performance.

Smart & Safe, Ease In All aspects

Steering deceleration; Bilingual color screen instrument; PES Three-speed mode; Low temperature auto-heating lithium battery…Ease your operation in all aspects.


High Quality & High Reliability

The truck passed various rough operating environments tests

Wading test

Cold Storage Test

 Bumpy Road Test

IPX4 waterproof

Centralized Checkpoints, Easy Maintenance

The electrical elements are gathered on the battery top, the maintenance points are centralized, which makes the maintenance very convenient. 

Optimized Ergonomic Design, Extreme Driving Comfort

IC truck type control valve stem, better fit to user's habits.

New Type ratchet hand brake reduces operating force by 17%.

Brake fluid within reach, easy to check and refill.

Optimized mast and pressed overhead guard improves the visibility and safety.

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