In order to realize intelligent transportation in factories, warehouses, ports and other scenes, HELI developed the AGV intelligent transportation system,to serve the diversified and customized handling needs of various industries.

HELI AGV systems have been widely used in logistics warehousing, household manufacturing, electronic processing, department store, machinery manufacturing, auto parts processing, paper printing, household appliances manufacturing and other industries to create high-efficiency, high-precision, high-standard intelligent logistics system solutions for users.

After the implementation and management of many types of projects, the company has accumulated rich experience in such diverse scenarios as joint operation of multiple AGVs, intelligent storage and transportation with intensive access frequency, and intelligent multi-process transfer in processing and production workshops. 

Introduction of AGV models

  • CDD

  • It is suitable for narrow aisles and workplaces that require a certain lifting height. 

  • Equipped with a lithium battery system for long life and good range;

Equipped with high-security non-contact safety sensors, which intelligently identify obstacles and make obstacle avoidance actions accordingly.

  • CQD

  • It is suitable for narrow aisles and workplaces that require a certain lifting height. It's the classic warehouse truck.

  • Good high lift and load capacity, maximum lift up to 9.5m.

  • CTD

  • Suitable for large loads and work scenarios that require a certain lifting height, AGVs are used to automate the handling of materials in heavy-duty indoor environments.

  • This model mainly adopts a leg-in body structure with a 4-5t lifting system, which can meet the requirements of 4t of lift at a load center of 600mm, and 3t of lift at a load center of 1000mm.

  • The safety control system of the AGV has been re-optimized and re-designed. 

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