Hydraulic Braking System With Accumulator.Auto take off structure, have self-lock function.HELI Homemade Hydraulic Transmission Case.

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The steering oil tube and wire harness are arranged independently
Product Feature

● Hydraulic Braking System With Accumulator 

● Auto take off structure, have self-lock function  

● HELI Homemade Hydraulic Transmission Case

● Gear-box With Synchronizer

● Elastic Suspension System

● Integration Gear pump 

● Waterproof Integration Instrument 

The main parameter
Model unit QYC20-J QYCD20-J QYCD25-J QYC20-W QYC25-W QYCD20-W QYCD25-W QYCD25-KU1 QYCD30-KU1
Power Unit
Max. drawbar. pull KN 20 20 25 20 25 20 25 25 30
Travel speed, F/B without load km/h 10/30 26 /22 20 /17 8/25 8/25 22/19 20/18 25/19 25/19
Transmission Case / mechanical Hydraulic Hydraulic mechanical mechanical Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Grade ability without load % 30
Turning radius mm 3275
Dealer Network
With other attachments of fork lift trucks, they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.
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